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Euro 2024 - What to expect

We're really looking forward to welcoming everyone to the Euros at Inverness Ice Centre.

Here are a few details of what to expect if you are coming along to watch some of the matches with us.

On arrival you will be asked to present your e-ticket that will have been sent to you when you made your booking. This will have a 6 character booking reference and a QR code. If you bought more than one ticket, each individual ticket will have "/1", "/2", "/3" etc after the booking reference - we need to scan each ticket for your booking.


E-tickets can be scanned from your phone, or you can print them off if you need to give to friends.


Each ticket holder will be given a wristband to wear - this will allow you to come and go during that day, so please make sure you keep it safe and display it clearly. There will be different coloured wristbands for adults and children - you will be asked to provide ID to prove you are over 18 in order to receive an adult wristband.

If you don't have ID with you, you will be given an under-18 wristband, and you won't be able to buy any alcohol.

For anyone familiar with the Ice Centre, we've set up the giant screen at the Riverside end of the arena.

The main body of the arena has been set up with tables and chairs, with tables seating between 8 and 12 people.

At the cafe end of the arena, we've set up a bar for packaged drinks, wines and spirits.

Draught beer only will be served from the Ice Cafe - there will be a one way system in operation to ensure a smooth flow through the cafe 

Bar Prices

Tennent’s Lager Can                                       £4.00 each or 4 for £15.00

Black Isle Brewery German Beer Can     £4.00 each or 4 for £15.00

Kopparberg Mixed Fruit Cider Can           £3.00

Vodka/Bacardi                                                  £3.00

Whisky/Spiced Rum                                       £3.00

Wine — Red/White/Prosecco                   £5.00

Coke                                                                      £1.50

Diet Coke                                                             £1.50

Irn Bru                                                                   £1.50

Lemonade                                                          £1.50

Crisps/Nuts                                                        £1.00

Draught Beer Prices

only available in Ice Cafe

Tennent’s Lager                                          Pint £5.00 1/2 pint £2.50

Black Isle Brewery German Beer        Pint £5.00 1/2 pint £2.50

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